Elvis "eLvIsDdOn" Dolić

Technical Analysis & Education

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O meni

Hello everyone,
I am Elvis Dolić, better known as "eLvIsDdOn".

I entered the crypto world two years ago. During my journey in the world of crypto, I joined many foreign academies, in order to try to understand the market from several angles. I claim that no academy has brought me as much knowledge and understanding of the crypto world as MoneyLord Academy. In a very short period of time, I understood how the market works, and how I can use the movement of the market to my advantage, i.e. use it for my financial goals.
Thanks to MoneyLord, I learned to use technical analysis tools and strategies in a very short time.
I showed my ability to make good decisions when entering positions, and positive results within the academy, and based on that, I became a member of the MoneyLord Academy team.

My role within the academy is:
-Market analysis and market information,
-Training of members in the application of technical analysis, the use of technical analysis tools and various software programs.

Create your goals and bring yourself financial freedom with Moneylord Academy.

Elvis “eLvIsDdOn” Dolić