Husein "Tursun" Tursunović

Technical Analysis & Order Flow Analysis


O meni

Hello everyone, I am Husein Tursunović, better known as Tursun.

I started my story in the crypto world by entering the MoneyLord Academy. Thanks to MoneyLord and his dedication, I started to understand the financial market in a very short time, thus I gained the ability to predict market movements through precise technical analysis and order flow.
I demonstrated my ability to make informative and investment decisions and by achieving outstanding results within the academy, and based on that, I became a member of the MoneyLord Academy team.

My role at MoneyLord Academy is:
– Daily monitoring and analysis of market charts, identification of key trends.
– Issuing regular reports and recommendations to members and colleagues.
– Guiding and training members in the application of technical analysis and the use of various tools and strategies of technical analysis.
– Monitoring global economic and political events and their impact on financial markets.
I have a deep understanding of the use of various technical indicators, software tools such as TradingView, and Order Flow programs such as Atas and Exocharts.

Cryptocurrencies are much more than money, they are freedom, innovation and opportunity for change. Be brave, and open the door to this new world. Join us on our journey to financial freedom.

Husein “Tursun” Tursunović